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Here you'll find my journey to a healthier life, my ramblings about things that happen and lots of fandom reblogging.

HW: 89.6kg/197.5lbs
CW: 70.2kg/154.7lbs
GW: 64kg/141lbs


Currently feeling like I’m winning because I don’t think I will ever be able to compete with these two.

Weighed in at exactly 70.0kg today!

So close to my mini-goal of being under 70kg. 

Not amazing but I had a dentist appointment this morning which put me out of commission for half the day.

Zero motivation to sort out my presentation but the fact is I’M PRESENTING TOMORROW so I need to. 

More lazy ootd goodness for y’all. Feat. Black Milk Middle Earth Maps.

I need to get my passport photos done so I can get my passport renewed so we can book our flights within the next month.

This is really happening. 


As many of you know I have the awesome job of working for kikki.k :) because I’m surrounded by amazing stock all the time I tend to buy it all….. I’ve just sorted through my Kikki.k stash and thought id make up a little giveaway to reward my amazing followers!

What you get:
~ Pink 365 day journal
~ Food and exercise journal
~ Follow your path pen
~ Book belt
~ 2015 monthly diary

All you need to do is reblog this once only and be following me (boubgetshealthy)

Anyone can join! Winner will be chosen at random using a generator on the 1st of October 5pm AEST :)

***please make sure you have questions enabled so I can message you if you are the winner, otherwise there will be a redraw after 48 hours***

goodluck my lovelies, message me if you have any questions xx

Got an average mark on a group report. Turns out it was the highest grade the tutor could give us based on lack of citations. Checked my part and it all had citations.

This is why group reports suck.

Been so lazy with my outfits of late.

First fitbit day a success! No wonder I’m tired when I get home from work.

Those who have fitbits,

what are your usernames and how do I add you?


Yesssss. #fitbit #questbar #questnutrution #fitbitflex

i need your expert opinion okay. do you think. i could pull off an undercut? should i do it. SHOULD I. I'M TORN.
sheruns-free sheruns-free Said:

You should! Do it! You’d be babing.

It’s supposed to be weigh-in Wednesday but alas it was shark week so didn’t want to do that. 

But today : 70.2kg. 

Which means I’ve lost 3 pounds since starting to focus a little more and all it makes me think Regina George going ‘I want to lose 3 pounds!’ in Mean Girls. 

May have just ordered a fitbit and several single quest bars to try.


(is this what being a fitblr is)